Jeremy Welch - BASS

Born in Peoria, IL, Jeremy grew up moving all over until he settled in Kenosha WI. It all started when Jeremy went to a battle of the bands In high school and was hooked on music ever since! He has been in several bands and music projects throughout the years and can play a mean kazoo! 


Jeremy is a larger than life, lovable human being. His goals areto make the world a better place, one whiskey shot and pizza at a time.


 Jeremy plays a verity of different basses: Earnie Ball Music Man Stingray and Rickenbacker are his go to right now pushed through a Traynor head and Trace Elliot cab. Catch him at the next show KICKING @$$ for Midnigh Crow!

Stanley Gene Mindiola III - LEAD / RHYTHM GUITAR & VOCALS

Born in Waukesha, WI, residing in Menomonee Falls, WI, Stanley is and acomplished self taught electric blues guitarist and award winning vocalist.


Endorsed by CMG Guitars, Warp Core Pickups, Scattered Abroad Guitar Works, and Spectraflex cables you will find him achieveing his signature tone with his Warp Core SGM# SH set in his signature CMG Ashlee.


His Ear Fuzz pedal board is modest yet covers a lot of ground, starting with his Morley Bad Horsie Contour Wah, into his signature dual overdrive, the Brawling Badger by SAGW then into a Fuzz Imp sender finishing into a Warm audio JetPhaser! Stan is currently playing through a 1x12 Bad Cat Cougar 50 with a TC electronics Gauss delay in the effects loop.

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David DeMeuse - DRUMS & VOCALS

Born in Waukesha, WI,  David first became infatuated with drums after hearing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit come blasting onto the radio.


David attended Milwaukee area technical college in 2007 for music occupations and during his time there, he received the award for most dependable eventually leaving college in 2009 and moved back to Burlington, andjoined The DayRollers. From 2009 to present and now dominating drums for Midnight Crow!


David is endorsed by Soul Tone cymbals and his cymbal load out is as follows: 

14” Abby Hi Hats
16” Abby Crash
18” Abby Crash
20” Abby Ride

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